Cory Jacobs kicked things off as a picture editor at Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine in 1996 before moving onto Spin and New York, among others. 

She took her deep knowledge of photography and applied it to her work with clients in the advertising, art and publishing worlds. Clients included Apple, Anthropologie, K-Swiss, Louise Blouin Media, McMurry/TMG, Pentagram, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group. 

Jacobs collaborated with Editorial Director James Truman for many years, first at Culture + Travel and Modern Painters, and then at the The Ritz-Carlton Magazine. She created a strong aesthetic for the magazines that was acutely in touch with the overall branding of each title.

In 2009, Jacobs was hired by Pierre-Alexis Dumas to serve as the Curator and Artistic Director for the Gallery at Hermès in New York City, shortly after he had formed the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès.

She mounted 12 exhibitions with contemporary artists over six years (including Doug DuBois, Rinko Kawauchi, Miranda Lichtenstein, Victoria Sambunaris), in addition to the corporate curation of specially commissioned video work that was shown in a commercial context.

A while back, she convinced Barnard College that she should create a combined major of art history and film studies. Benjamin Buchloh + John G. Handhart + Simon Schama + James Schamus. It was time to put that major to the test.

Jacobs launched Cottage Eight Films with Jason Schmidt. As both an Executive Producer and Director, moving pictures synthesize her love for good stories, directing, editing and music—all in one. The alchemy involved in bringing together a group of talented people to make something great is fun. 

Drawing on years of both editorial and commercial experience, she understands how to tell visual stories with an editorial viewpoint while staying true to—and distilling—a brand's core identity. 

She has won numerous awards and nominations from American Photography, ASME, Communication Arts, and SPD and has judged competitions for American Photography, Critical Mass, Festival de Photographie à Hyères and PDN.

Jacobs is based in New York City, but loves to travel. Straddling both the art and commercial worlds, Cory brings a refined and informed eye to any project.